The Kaizen Corps Roadmap 2

We will be releasing a new roadmap every quarter.

Week 1

Domination Player Registration

This will allow us to keep track of all of the game participants and reward distribution. This is the first building block of creating our online environment.

All stats are subject to change.

Kaizen Corps Lore Contest

We will be using the lore as promotional material later on.

Join our ➡️ Discord for more details.

Week 2

Faction Registration (Official + On-chain)

This registration will affect which team you play with so make sure you choose your faction carefully.

Week 3

Faction Enrollment

Choosing your faction will greatly determine your experience playing the game and being part of our community. We will be incentivizing factions to operate as their own mini-DAOs. We will allow factions (with their leaders) to self-govern and regulate members.

Website Update

Our site will be updated with more current info and additional info on Domination.

Week 4

$DOM Token

Last Update Post — 01/27/22:➡ ️

We want everyone to know we could’ve easily rushed the launch but we’ve been meticulous with the design of emissions and setting the token protocol up in a way it’ll be scalable for the long term.

We’ve carefully explored how other projects have done it and we’ve seen some wacky launches like a traditional database managed point-token and the launch of tokens with no liquidity pool (no ability to trade).

A couple of notes:

  • We will have a liquidity pool up with the drop of the token
  • You will be able to stake your Kai for emissions (working out the details now)
  • You will earn tokens for playing later stage versions of Domination
  • The supply will be elastic so that we can balance the economy

We naturally expect some tokens to be sold (take profits you degens) however, to create buying pressure we’re playing around with creating staking rewards for the $DOM token itself.

Keep in mind, the $DOM token will have in-game utility for things like:

  • Kai stat adjustments
  • Purchasing in-game assets
  • Kai borrowing
  • Wagering
  • Advertising on the game dashboard
  • Seeding your own Faction* (more on this later)

If you’re bullish on the game and you hold tokens you could potentially benefit from the demand we generate when we launch beta in Q3.

Faction Recruitment Campaigns

Week 5

Faction Armory

Whether it be purchasing more Kais for members, funding for espionage, or liquidating some tokens to incentivize your own internal contests we will be giving tons of creative freedom to our factions to see how they self-organize and leverage their assets.

Strategic Partnerships

Right now (like most early gaming projects), we have a sick NFT you can purchase but we want to leverage our big partnerships for when we have some more traction on Domination.

No point in blowing our budget on acquiring users/players for a product that isn’t playable yet.

Week 6/7

Game Vault

Leading into Q2, we will be launching our early online and on-chain iteration of the alpha version of Domination.

We will dropping our game trailer to attract new players to the ecosystem alongside of the faction recruitment campaigns.

Closing | Hiring

Sometimes we can get tunnel-vision to a fault but we promise it’s with the intention and mindset that the best thing we can do to add value to our community is to release a great game as quickly as possible.

To help us bring our vision to life we’re actually in the process of hiring to round out our development team.


  • Sr. Front End Developer (Full time): React.js experience preferred, bonus points if you’ve worked with a web3 or gaming team before*
  • Game Theory Developer/Game Designer (Part time): Experience building tabletop, card or board games preferred.
  • UI/UX Designer (Full time): Looking for designers that have experience with highly interactive and data-heavy pages (e.g. dashboards & widgets)


  • Flexible working hours
  • Gain web3 experience
  • Payment in crypto
  • Work with a Sr. developer with 20+ years of experience building enterprise production software
  • Token allocation*

Please contact Silostack in our Discord for more information on these positions.

Founder: @Hiro__Yuy

Developer: @silostack

Artist: @Hard_Surfaced

Marketer: @Argobolt

Twitter: @KaizenCorpsNFT




Building Web3 infrastructure for Solana | Makers of the collaborative strategy game

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Building Web3 infrastructure for Solana | Makers of the collaborative strategy game